ROBAM debuts state-of-the-art, diamond-inspired 36-inch Tornado Range Hood

ORLANDO, FL – Leading global kitchen appliance manufacturer ROBAM introduces the 36-inch Tornado Range Hood, a powerful range hood with an expanded cavity depth that utilizes double static pressure technology and a 100,000 rph motor to create intense suction power with a tornado-like turbine effect. The range hood also serves as a design centerpiece for the kitchen, with a unique shape inspired by a diamond with 31-degree angles. Its integrated “Eiffel” filter, inspired by the design of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, captures 98% of grease residue and ensures easy cleaning without needing to disassemble the unit.

“The 36-inch Tornado Range Hood is one of ROBAM’s most powerful range hoods and a masterpiece of design and performance,” said Elvis Chen, ROBAM Regional Director. “From a visual perspective, its unique aesthetic is well suited for those who entertain often and want their kitchen to make a statement. In terms of performance, there are few things more satisfying than the visible spirals of steam, smoke and fumes this unit can create with its incredible suction power.”
The 36-inch Tornado Range Hood utilizes an energy-efficient, variable speed brushless motor to generate strong suction and intense static pressure of 800PA. In addition, its expanded cavity depth—from 130mm to 210mm—enables more suction space and helps create the tornado-like spirals of exhaust. The unit also features a technologically advanced Field Oriented Control (FOC) intelligent quick speed control system that registers the pressure of cooking fumes as they’re generated and adjusts the suction power automatically. Users can also make manual adjustments between all six speeds on the touch interface, located on the unit’s forward-facing black tempered glass panel.
The wall mounted range hood is constructed of 304 stainless steel and precisely shaped like a diamond to present 13 cutting faces, 29 cutting lines and 21 cutting points at 31-degree angles. Its interior is lined with a nanoscale oil-free coating that repels residue and eliminates the need for deep cleaning. The seamlessly integrated “Eiffel” filter features high-density stainless steel mesh with 14,400 diamond-shaped openings for the capture of up to 98% of all grease residue.

Additional Features
• Quick start motor, for immediate activation
• One-touch stir fry function, for high-heat cooking0
• Quiet operation, between 42-53 decibels depending on speed
• Delayed auto shut-off function, so the unit keeps cleaning the air after the cooking process is done

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The 36-inch Tornado Range Hood from ROBAM provides homeowners with a powerful design centerpiece for the kitchen.


The 36-inch Tornado Range Hood features an expanded 210mm cavity depth and powerful 100,000 rph motor to remove cooking fumes and grease with a tornado-like turbine effect.

Founded in 1979, ROBAM is known around the world for its high-end kitchen appliances and ranks #1 in global sales for both built-in cooktops and range hoods. From integrating state-of-the-art Field-Oriented Control (FOC) technology and hands-free control options, to embodying an entirely new design aesthetic for the kitchen that doesn’t hold back on functionality, ROBAM’s suite of professional kitchen appliances offer the perfect combination of power and prestige. For more information, visit

Post time: Feb-26-2022

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